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Lalande de Pomerol
Bordeaux red wine
Product of France



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les Chagnasses

Lalande de Pomerol, Bordeaux red wine

Lalande de Pomerol
Appélation Lalande de Pomerol contrôlée

Situation of the property:
Le Domaine des Chagnasses is located on the « Appellation Lalande de Pomerol », and for its biggest part in the commune of Néac(continuation of the plate of Pomerol its neighbour).

Surface: 2 Ha.

Type of vines: The field is planted traditional type of vines of Libournais, on gravely-sandy grounds.
    - 85% of  Merlot bringing roundness and smoothness,
   - 15% of Cabernet Franc giving to the wine its frame and a rich person bouquet.
Wines with the red, cordial fruit notes…
Average age of the vine:  Thirty-five years.

Traditional method (without use of weeding).

Collecting Method:
Manual grape harvest.

Production: 100 hl in average.

Wine making: Realized in our wine storehouses by G.Abecassis combining tradition and modernity (Regular follow-up by a wine expert: G. Pauquet.).
    - Wine making: traditional in cement ferments
    - Maceration: 3/4 weeks following the years - wine to be kept.
    - Breeding: 25%  in new barrels, 25% in 1 or 2 years old barrels, 50% in cement or stainless tank; over 18 months per 4 months rotation before final assembly.
Château bottled.

Current Distribution:
    - Direct selling at the Domaine;
    - Direct selling in France;
    - Fairs (France):
Bois Guillaume (Rouen 76); 18th et 19th November 2006.
Neuville sur Saône (69); March 2007.
Thouars (79); March 2007.

Lalande de Pomerol, French wine

Domaine les Chagnasses
Lalande de Pomerol
Appélation Lalande de Pomerol contrôlée
Les chagnasses, Grand vin de Bordeaux
  To contact us :  
Téléphone : 0033 5 57  51 49 74
Fax :  0033 5 57  51 49 74
Messagerie :
N° Siret: 387 746 209 00015
Main activity adress:
Domaine les Chagnasses
25 Marchesseau
33500 Lalande de Pomerol (France)
The alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.